3. Profile


Who We Are



ー The society we aim to create

Doctor to the Earth

Realize a sustainable society through earth science and expert contributions to the built and natural environment of our world.


ー OYO Pacific’s driving purpose

Beyond the Customer Satisfaction

Provide engineering services exceeding the expectations of our clients–and their customers.

ー Employee mindset and attitude

OYO Pacific employees pledge to:

Honor customers, our employees and their families, partners, and our shareholders.

Be curious and ambitious
while striving to improve
technical skill.

Respect each other
and value diversity

President Message

OYO Corporation Pacific is a member of the OYO group companies. We, at OYO group, pride ourselves as the “Doctor to the Earth”.
We, OYO group, have extensive knowledge in the field of geosciences to include geology, geophysics, soil mechanics, civil engineering, hydraulics, environmental engineering and ecology. Our engineers have highly specialized skills and with a wide range of project experience, both large and small.
In November 2010, OYO Corporation, Pacific was established in Guam to provide geotechnical engineering and consulting services for the Guam Build-up which are comprised of projects for the U.S. Marines relocation from Okinawa to Guam.
In the last five years since the firm was established, OYO Corporation, Pacific has served numerous clienteles in geological investigations, laboratory tests, foundation design, geotechnical consulting and GIS services in Guam, Saipan, Chuuk and Diego Garcia. We are proud of our commitment to high quality service, especially in geophysical exploration utilizing nondestructive underground investigation without the need for intrusive digging or boring.
With various military project experiences in Guam, we recently began to expand our business to U.S military Installations in Japan. In February 2016, we opened a new office in Okinawa and have started to provide our services with the support of OYO group’s high level technical engineering and support staff in Japan.
Please consider OYO Corporation, Pacific for your “Earth” related geotechnical and environmental engineering needs in the Far East and Pacific regions. We are committed to provide our services with a high emphasis on customer service, timeliness, providing a high level of cutting edge technological skill and with the enduring spirit of hospitality known in Japan as “O-Mo-Te-Na-Shi”.

Dr. Kazuki Nakamura, P.E.

OYO Corporation, Pacific
Kazuki Nakamura, President

Corporate Profile

Name OYO Corporation, Pacific
Incorporated November 1, 2010
Paid-in Capital 596,000 USD
Number of
Authorized Shares
Number of
Shares Issued
Director Naoto Shigemoto (OYO Corporation)
Ryutaro Jinnai (OYO Corporation)
Kazuki Nakamura
President Kazuki Nakamura
Secretary Kazuki Nakamura
Treasurer Yasuhiro Ookura (OYO Corporation)