PROJECTS Selection of Recent Work


Selection of Recent Work

Sustainable design through geoscience

Geotechnical experts. Environmental specialists. Design professionals.
Our team's reputation is built on helping clients overcome a variety of challenges throughout Japan and the Pacific region.
OYO Pacific's engineers and technicians apply science, quantitative methods, and sound judgment for every task.

Civil Design

Special Inspection of Record / Special Inspection Services for Yokose

The OYO team’s Special Inspector of Record oversaw OYO-team functional Special Inpspectors for concrete, steel, and deep foundations. Work included complex concrete work in a marine environment, structural welds, high-strength bolting, seismic connections, and piles for deep foundations. Our expertise supported MILCON upgrades to make an installation fuel wharf capable of mooring the lastest class of tanker vessels.

Construction Inspection and Laboratory Services

Kadena Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (ISWMP)

Our team performed a bottom-up reassessment of the installation ISWMP and qualified recycling program business plan. The foundational task was performing a solid waste characterization survey, which involved detailed sorting through 100 samples collected from throughout the installation. Supporting tasks included commodity market and economic feasibility analysis, updating waste management tracking / diversion databases, as well as performing an audit of the base...

Environmental Services

Hakozaki Fuels Terminal Support

Provided on-site management of all tasks necessary to make three 200,000 barrel underground fuel tanks inspection-ready. Tasks included confined space entry supervision, tank cleaning, gas-free certification, erection of 13 levels of full internal scaffolding, and API 653 inspection team support.

Environmental Services

Kadena Airfield Damage Repair (ADR) Facility Design

OYO Pacific was the Civil Designer of Record for MILCON design of three specialized warehouses for ADR materials. Created designs for three separate sites, each requiring separate analysis of site development, pavements, utilities, fire protection water storage tanks, drainage / infiltration systems, and retaining walls. Additionally, OYO led topographic and geotechnical surveys of each site, recommended foundation solutions, and provided local cost estimate...

Civil Engineering Design

Switchback Road and Slope Repair Geotechnical Investigation and Biological Survey

in Northern Training Area, Okinawa, Japan OYO Pacific conducted a geotechnical investigation in support of proposed rock bolt and anchor system design for the repair of a landslide which caused closure to a switchback road. OYO analyzed surface erosion and rock slope failure mechanisms through site modeling and provided design values and technical recommendations for the design of the slope stabilization system. In...

Geophysical and Geotechnical Engineering

Study to Resolve Sinking Floor Slabs

at Various Buildings, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Iwakuni. In this project, OYO worked as the lead geotechnical investigator to conduct an investigation of subsurface conditions causing floor slab deformation and wall cracking occurring at eighteen facilities spread throughout the installation. OYO conducted a detailed subsurface exploration program that included subsidence survey, S-wave prospecting, ground penetrating radar, soil boring with in-situ testing. Based...

Geophysical and Geotechnical Engineering