OYO Corporation, Pacific

Corporate Identity

OYO is unique company with an explicit corporate identity.
It is not just a geotechnical investigator of high competence.
It is a solution provider and a partner to authorities, general contractors, and local citizens, who encounter issues to resolve related to our mother Earth.
This is why we call ourselves the "Doctor to the Earth."

Corporate Philosophy

Our philosophy is to promote a harmonious relationship between Mankind and Nature, ensure a safe society and life by mobilizing our technology, and contribute to the well-being of society through our own corporate growth.

Company Profile

Name OYO Corporation, Pacific
Incorporated November 1, 2010
Paid-in Capital 596,000 USD
Number of Authorized Shares 3,000,000
Number of Shares Issued 596,000
Number of Employees 7
Director Naoto Shigemoto (OYO Corporation)
Yuuich Hirashima (OYO Corporation)
Kazuki Nakamura
President Kazuki Nakamura
Vice President (vacant)
Secretary Kazuki Nakamura
Treasurer Yasuhiro Ookura
Executive Engineer / RME Leopoldo S. Fabian
Kenneth J. Bull

President Message

Kazuki Nakamura OYO Corporation Pacific is a member of the OYO group companies. We, at OYO group, pride ourselves as the "Doctor to the Earth".
We, OYO group, have extensive knowledge in the field of geosciences to include geology, geophysics, soil mechanics, civil engineering, hydraulics, environmental engineering and ecology. Our engineers have highly specialized skills and with a wide range of project experience, both large and small.
In November 2010, OYO Corporation, Pacific was established in Guam to provide geotechnical engineering and consulting services for the Guam Build-up which are comprised of projects for the U.S. Marines relocation from Okinawa to Guam.
In the last five years since the firm was established, OYO Corporation, Pacific has served numerous clienteles in geological investigations, laboratory tests, foundation design, geotechnical consulting and GIS services in Guam, Saipan, Chuuk and Diego Garcia. We are proud of our commitment to high quality service, especially in geophysical exploration utilizing nondestructive underground investigation without the need for intrusive digging or boring.
With various military project experiences in Guam, we recently began to expand our business to U.S military Installations in Japan. In February 2016, we opened a new office in Okinawa and have started to provide our services with the support of OYO group's high level technical engineering and support staff in Japan.
Please consider OYO Corporation, Pacific for your "Earth" related geotechnical and environmental engineering needs in the Far East and Pacific regions. We are committed to provide our services with a high emphasis on customer service, timeliness, providing a high level of cutting edge technological skill and with the enduring spirit of hospitality known in Japan as "O-Mo-Te-Na-Shi".


OYO Corporation, Pacific
Kazuki Nakamura, President

我々は、応用地質グループの一員で、地球のお医者さんです。 私たち応用地質グループは、地質学、地球物理学、土質力学、土木工学、水理学、環境工学、生態学など、地球科学全般についての幅広い知識と豊富な経験を持つ専門技術者集団です。
OYO Corporation, Pacificは、この専門技術者集団の一員として、在沖縄海兵隊グアム移転に関わる、地盤調査およびコンサルティング業務を担当するため、2010年11月に、グアムに設立した会社です。
同時に、米軍業務の経験を積み、この経験を活かして、在日米軍施設へのサービスの提供も開始しました。2016 年2月に沖縄に事務所を開設し、日本国内OYOグループの技術力を用いて、地盤調査、環境調査、基礎設計、コンサルタント、GIS業務を提供しております。
極東地域および太平洋地域での、地球に関わるエンジニアリングはお任せください。 顧客第一主義、工期厳守で、お客様の要望に技術力とおもてなしのこころでお答えします。

OYO Corporation, Pacific
取締役社長 中 村 一 樹

Key Staff

RME/Executive Engineer Leopoldo S. Fabian, P.E.
Okinawa Office Manager/Executive Engineer Kenneth J. Bull, P.E.
Senior Engineer Kazuki NAKAMURA Dr., P.E.jp, APEC Engineer

Group Company

Group Business Network(As of April 1, 2015)

OYO RMS Corporation Nankyu Geo Technics Corporation NS Environmental Science Consultant Corporation KCS Co. Ltd Tohoku Boring Co., Ltd Ocean Engineering Corporation KOEI Consultant Co., Ltd OYO Corporation, Pacific OYO Geospace Corporation IRIS Instruments SAS Engineering & Risk Services Corporation RMS Japan Corporation Robertson Geologging Limited Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. Geometrics, Inc. Kinemetrics, Inc. OYO Seismic Instrumentation Corporation OYO Resources Management Corporation Geo-monitoring Service Corporation
Kinemetrics, Inc. Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. Geometrics, Inc. OYO Geospace Corporation OYO Corporation, Pacific OYO Corporation IRIS Instruments SAS Robertson Geologging Limited
  • Head Office

    7 Kanda-MItoshiro-cho,
    Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 101-8486, JAPAN
    TEL:+81-3-5577-4936  FAX:+81-3-5577-4937

  • [Subsidiaries]

    OYO Resources Management Corporation

    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    (Sale of software & hardware
    products for geological &
    environmental investigation,
    temporary personnel agency,
    nonlife insurance agency)

  • Tohoku Boring Co., Ltd

    Sendai, Miyagi,
    Japan(Geological investigation,
    landslip prevention and well drilling)

  • NS Environmental Science Consultant Corporation

    Minato-ku, Tokyo,
    Japan(Environmental surveys and
    environmental assessment)

  • Ocean Engineering Corporation

    Saitama, Saitama,
    Japan(Marine surveying and investigation)

  • KOEI Consultant Co., Ltd

    Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    (Civil engineering services related
    design,surveying and investigation
    and project management)

  • OYO Seismic Instrumentation Corporation

    Saitama, Saitama,
    Japan(Sale of seismometers) and
    seismological instrumentation services

  • OYO International Corporation

    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
    Japan(Geotechnical, environmental
    and disaster prevention engineering services)

  • OYO Geo-monitoring Service Corporation

    Kawaguchi, Saitama,
    Japan(Geo-monitoring service and
    instruments rental)

  • Nankyu Geo Technics Corporation

    Kagoshima, Kagoshima,
    Japan(Geological investigation and
    geophysical services)

  • OYO RMS Corporation

    Minato-ku, Tokyo,
    Japan(Damage risk evaluation and risk
    management for earthquake and
    typhoon disasters)

  • KCS Co. Ltd

    Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,
    Japan(Road planning, transportation
    analysis, regional planning,
    environmental evaluation, and ecosystem survey)

  • [Overseas Subsidiaries]

    OYO Corporation U.S.A.

    Pasadena, California,
    U.S.A.(Holding company of US &
    UK operating subsidiaries)

  • Kinemetrics, Inc.

    Pasadena, California,
    U.S.A.(Manufacturing and sale
    of seismometers, strong motion
    seismometers and seismic
    observation systems)

  • Geometrics, Inc.

    San Jose, California,
    U.S.A.(Manufacturing and sale
    of geophysical instruments)

  • Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.

    North Salem, New Hampshire,
    U.S.A.(Manufacturing and sale of
    ground penetrating radar systems)

  • OYO Corporation, Pacific

    Tumon, Guam,
    U.S.A.(Geotechnical Investigation/
    Reporting/Consulting Services)

  • Robertson Geologging Limited

    Deganwy, Conwy,
    U.K.(Manufacturing and sale of
    slimhole logging systems)

  • [Affiliates]

    Engineering & Risk Services Corporation

    Minato-ku, Tokyo,
    Japan(Natural disaster engineering
    and risk analyzing services and
    environmental site assessment)

  • RMS Japan Corporation

    Minato-ku, Tokyo,
    Japan(Natural disaster risk analysis
    and advisory services(insurance market))

  • [Overseas Affiliates]

    IRIS Instruments SAS

    Orleans, France
    (Manufacturing and sale of
    geophysical instruments)

  • OYO Geospace Corporation

    Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
    (Holding company of the oil
    exploration instruments subsidiaries)

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